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10 Things to do when the Sun is in Leo

Today marks the official beginning of Leo season, and the energy has changed from emotion-orientated Cancer to flamboyant Leo. In the northern hemisphere, summer is appropriately at its height and that means barbeques, beach reads and…. bring on the vacations!
So in honour of a new astrological season, here’s some suggestions for making the most of the next four weeks.
1.Express yourself (creatively) As Madonna –the ultimate Leo- once said: ‘Express yourself, hey, hey, hey!’ We all feel a little more confident and willing to put ourselves out there during Leo season, so join that amateur theatre group, paint that masterpiece or see what short creative courses are available at your local community centre. Who knows? Like the Queen of Pop, your creative talents could see you with your name up in lights!

2.Spend time with young people Leo is associated with young people, particularly teenagers, so why not volunteer to be a summer camp counsellor, sign up for the Big Sister program or mentor …

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